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Kristen Leitao being silly



Kristen is Neat. Where the heck did that come from you ask? 


My 97 year old grandmother is a woman of few words or emotions (the opposite of me - HA!). When she thinks something is worth mentioning, she'll say "Golly, that's real neat!". I think it's adorable, classic, lovely, and fun; plus I sure do love my grandma!

I live in beautiful North Park, San Diego with my wonderful husband; I transplanted from Seattle in 2009 and for some reason, haven't left! Hard to imagine, I know.

I offer custom packages. Because some clients just need a simple business card and some clients need to completely overhaul their online presence; everyone has different needs! You will not only have access to my design skills, but you will also get my years of experience in helping other small businesses. This generally equates to hearing my tips and suggestions, whether solicited or not - LOL.

So let's have a chat and see if we are a good fit! If so, prepare to laugh your head off as laughing is required.

P.S. I have multiple clients in different states so if you're not in SoCal, fear not, we can still work together! There's this thing called the internetz and it's real convenient. And neat.

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