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Menu re-design


CLIENT: Ortega's, A Mexican Bistro

OBJECTIVE: The previous menus were multiple pages in a leather-bound holder. Albeit they were nice, they also felt outdated, bulky, and lacked functionality with so many pages to flip through. The client wanted to create a fresh modern look while keeping the Ortega's brand.

CHALLENGE: Condensing five pages of menu items on to the front and back of one page.

SOLUTION: I put the food items of each menu (dinner, lunch & brunch) on the front of the menu, and put the drinks on the back side. I used very distinct headers and graphical elements to separate the different sections, making the menu navigation process simple. The faster restaurant guest order, the more tables you can turn!

OTHER PROJECTS: Restaurant signage, table tents, flyers, banners, a-frame sign inserts, magazine/newspaper ads, marquee sign, email marketing, website elements, social media. They have been my client since 2009 so we've done a ton of projects together! 

TOOLS: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Mailchimp, Squarespace

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