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  • Kristen Leitao

Wait. How many logos do I need?

Updated: May 5, 2021

So why the heck would you need multiple logos? Let me walk you through the reasons below – trust me, it'll make perfect sense!

Being a small business owner is hard. Amiright? So when you find out that you need multiple logos, you might feel like screaming and running for the hills.

Let me clarify.

It’s not that you need several completely different logos, but you will most likely need several different variations or versions of your logo.

What is a logo variation, anyway?

A logo variation is a modified version of your primary logo that can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Horizontal – usually the primary logo

  • Stacked (Vertical) – a vertical version of the primary logo

  • Badge (circle) – a version that acts as a badge, commonly found in a circle, like what you would see on a hat

  • Icon (monogram) – if your logo has a graphic feature, this would be on its own

  • One color – it’s very important that the logo works in one color

  • Reversed out (white on a dark background) – this is a variation of the one color

  • Submark – usually a small, compact version of your logo (think of a logo in the corner of a YouTube video)

Think of everywhere you would use a logo: website, social media, receipts, business cards, signage (indoor and outdoor!), email marketing, flyer, even on merchandise like a water bottle, back of a sweatshirt, on a pen, a hat – the list goes on!

Here is a client example:

Hairspray Salon San Diego logo variations

Along with all of my clients, I provided Hairspray Salon with a comprehensive suite of logo variations. You can see that the logos are the same, but different, so as not to confuse the consumer.

The client and I are able to use these in several different situations like her website, social media, business cards, window decals, signage, email blasts, merchandise, wherever she wants!

Hairspray Salon website - uses primary logo
Hairspray Salon printed cover
Hairspray Salon printed cover - uses stacked logo
Hairspray Salon Facebook page cover and profile pic
Facebook - cover image uses stacked logo with the location and profile pic uses the monogram

Need some help with your logo?

If you need help making multiple versions of your existing logo, logo design, or a brand refresh, contact me or fill out this quick inquiry form!

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