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Logo design + branding


CLIENT: Robins Nest Family Foundation

OBJECTIVE: The Chief Executive Assistant of this brand new foundation was given the enormous task of designing a logo, letterhead, envelope, business cards, and website, yet has zero experience with graphic design or websites!
Enter stage left: Me to save the day. (j/k)

CHALLENGE: The CEA sent me the logo and business card that she put together (before deciding she needed to hire a designer). The most important element of the logo was that there were robin (bird) eggs in a nest, in the branch of a tree. They were also on a time crunch, so I had to act fast.

SOLUTION: The color palette was very important to me, I 100% wanted to incorporate robin's egg blue and a cozy brown. The tagline is "Lifting up through education", so I made it feel inspiring (with the branches that represent people lifting their arms up), friendly, and trustworthy. I had presented two potential designs in just 2.5 hours. They chose their favorite design and I continued on with business cards, letterhead & envelopes!

OTHER PROJECTS: Website design, email marketing

TOOLS: Illustrator, Photoshop, Squarespace, Mailchimp

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