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Informational poster to hang in local parks & recreation centers


CLIENT: San Diego Parks Foundation

OBJECTIVE: This is a fairly new non-profit foundation that serves local San Diego neighborhood parks. They want to raise awareness about what exactly they do by hanging a poster in the local parks and recreation centers that they serve. They also want to increase program and volunteer participation.

CHALLENGE: To create an 11x17 poster that clearly illustrates the organization's "what we do", while staying consistent with the existing brand. It is important to include enough text information to get the idea across, but short enough that viewers won't lose interest. The client only had about half of the images so I supplemented with stock imagery.

SOLUTION: It was important for me to guide the eye so viewers are naturally inclined to read through the entire poster. I also requested ~40 word blurbs so there's enough information to be interesting, but not so much that viewers won't read through it. I also injected a little energy, after all, parks are meant to be fun!

OTHER PROJECTS: Golf tournament fundraiser (logo, sponsorship package, signage), web design consulting, email marketing, newsletter design

TOOLS: Illustrator, Photoshop, stock photography, Mailchimp

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