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Logo design + branding + website + all the things!


CLIENT: Shi Shi's Sugaring & Skin Care

OBJECTIVE: To create a brand that felt friendly, trustworthy, organic, and inviting. The client also wanted it to be easy peasy to book appointments online.

CHALLENGE: Honestly, this project was so fun and fresh, it didn't even feel challenging! The biggest challenge was/is locking down the client to make the needed updates!

SOLUTION: For the logo, the client found an image of a chrysanthemum that really resonated with her; she also showed me some signage with a font that she enjoyed. I took these elements and came up with the final result. The website has no frills, no gimmicks, its primary purpose is to book appointments easily:

TOOLS: Illustrator, Photoshop, Wix, Square Appointments, Instagram, Facebook, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Hotjar

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